Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The School of Dental Medicine aims to benefit the people of the state of Connecticut and others through programs that support research and discovery of new knowledge, education and development of competent health care professionals, delivery of patient care services of high quality, and the promotion of health. We will continuously pursue excellence and innovation in our endeavors while embracing the qualities of diversity, collegiality, integrity and leadership through individual and group effort. Our pursuits in education, patient care, research, service and outreach will support the missions of our academic health center and University.

Our Vision

Through our efforts, the School of Dental Medicine (SDM) envisions itself a valued state resource and a leading institution in dental education, research and patient care. To accomplish this, we will be a model for how a dental school functions within an academic health center and for our interface with the School and profession of Medicine. Our students, faculty and staff will view the SDM as a welcoming, collegial and professional place to work and study. Our health care providers will have the highest respect for the patients they serve and our patients will appreciate the quality of the care received and for the manner delivered. Collectively, we will embrace excellence and innovation in all areas of our Mission and will aim for integration and synergy in our teaching, research, patient care and service/outreach efforts. Alumni and professional organizations will recognize us as an important partner while the state of Connecticut and its agencies will view us as a key ally in improving the health of its citizens, particularly the underserved and disadvantaged.

Our Values

In all our endeavors, the School of Dental Medicine commits to:

  • Pursue excellence,
  • Embrace innovation,
  • Promote professionalism, compassion, diversity and social responsibility,
  • Provide leadership locally and nationally,
  • Recognize our unique responsibilities as a state-supported dental school, and
  • Strive to maximize the potential of every student, faculty and staff member.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The School of Dental Medicine embraces diversity and strives within its local community to mimic the multicultural and diverse character of the state of Connecticut and the nation. The School recognizes the many benefits of racial and cultural diversity. We strive for a diverse student body who will become health care professionals prepared to treat the future oral needs of a multicultural society. Furthermore, we welcome people across all aspects of society as current or future faculty and staff. In such diversity, the School gains strength and will continue to lead in dental education.