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woman in dental office dental exam graduating class of 2014 dentist in uconn health UConn Health on June 29, 2016. (Paul Horton/UConn Photo) classroom UConn Health School of Dental Medicine group of medical students women undergoes dental proceedure

Our Mission

The School of Dental Medicine offers programs that support research and discovery of new knowledge, education and development of competent health care professionals, delivery of patient care services of high quality, and the promotion of health. We will continuously pursue excellence and innovation in our endeavors while embracing the qualities of diversity, collegiality, integrity and leadership through individual and group effort.


  • Emergency Dental Service Enhances Clinical, Academic Missions Emergency Dental Service Enhances Clinical, Academic Missions
    Oral pain, bleeding and swelling can happen for any number of reasons, and they don’t restrict themselves to regular business hours. It’s why UConn Health has had around-the-clock coverage for dental emergencies since the early 70s. “We have the largest dental emergency service in the state,” says Dr. Steven Lepowsky, senior associate dean for education […]
  • New Generation of Family Dentistry New Generation of Family Dentistry
    Jeffrey Pan won’t be the first dentist in the family. Not even close. His father is a well-known family dentist in Melrose, Mass., and his mother is a professor at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine. And he won’t be the last. He has a younger brother who’s a first-year student at BU Dental, […]
  • Developing a Solution to the Problem of Dry Mouth Developing a Solution to the Problem of Dry Mouth
    Dry mouth. It’s listed as a possible side effect for hundreds of prescription and non-prescription medications, and can also be brought on by factors such as aging, tobacco use, cancer therapy, or autoimmune diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Sjogren’s Syndrome. Also known as xerostomia, chronic dry mouth due to lack of saliva affects the quality of life for […]